Fierce Festival 4th October 2013

Autumn Feast – Blanch & Shock (UK)

The Blind Leading the Blind – Wolf In The Winter (ES/DE/NL/UK)

6.30-8.30pm, Edible Eastside, Digbeth.


The festival opens with a feast by radical food designers Blanch & Shock in a canalside urban garden. They will serve up a vegetarian platter from produce grown over the last seven months.


In parallel, Wolf In The Winter will create an intervention inspired by Bruegel’s Blind Leading the Blind, a painting of six ragged figures stumbling across a rural landscape.


Wolf In the Winter is an international collective of six solo performance artists who come together sporadically to make a pack. They comprise of Aaron Williamson, Anet van de Elzen, Brian Catling, Denys Blacker, Kirsten Norrie, Ralph Wendt and guest wolf, Eloise Fornieles. They will also perform a series of solo interventions at Club Fierce on Saturday 5 October.



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