#Digbeth Pie

We want your recipe suggestion for a savoury pie that will nourish and sustain Digbeth people.


If Digbeth was a Pie, what would it taste like?


What ingredients would you want to see in it? Would it look like a Pork Pie, a Cornish Pasty or a Jamaican Patty? The recipe needs to be reflect Digbeth today. It needs to be affordable, contain ingredients local to Digbeth or remind you of Digbeth.


We are taking recipe suggestions, which will be developed and product tested over the Summer at Edible Eastside and locations across Digbeth. We will be inviting people to vote for their favourite recipe. Please look out for further updates for our tasting in July and August.


The winning recipe will be launched St. Basil’s Bake Off in September 2013 and the pies sold at Fierce Festival in October. Sales of the recipe will be donated to St. Basil’s Charity for Young Homeless People.


The Digbeth Pie is a project developed at Edible Eastside by Resident Artist Cathy Wade & Kitchen School Director, Jayne Bradley with funding from Greggs Foundation. Edible Eastside has already produced a fudge called The Warwick Bar and based its ingredients and name on the history of the local warehouses of the Digbeth Branch Canal.


Look out for our postcards across Digbeth and Birmingham where you can fill in our recipe, or fill in you response here or on our Facebook page



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