Join the food revolution taking place in Birmingham, come and grow, cook and eat your very own food.

Edible Eastside has a vision:


- To create and amazing new space in Birmingham where we can explore a new aesthetic in our urban areas where productive and sustainable landscapes are integral.


- To teach skills and demonstrate the value of considering alternative ways of doing food in cities.


- Raise the profile of food and urban agriculture in Birmingham


- Prepare for the future – become adaptable for a city with less fuel, water and resources


- Show how important art & culture is to the transformation of space, place and cultural change


Create a place that people want to visit that has integrity, people led - a Spontanous Landscape!


Click the link below to hear Director Jayne Bradley discussing the garden with academic Susan Noori of BCU


What do we do?


- Rent out raised beds to local people and city workers and dwellers


- Cook our home grown food for our cafe  and cookery school


- Offer training in food production, temporary growing and cookery


- Offer a space for artists and designers to research and experiment


- Offer support and guidance to community groups growing vegetables in their community gardens


- Sell our produce to restaurants in the city and aim to promote urban food production in the city


- Hold art and fetes to promote our work and help regenerate the area

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