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Edible Eastside CIC registation number 7705661. Registered office 122 Fazeley Street Birmingham B5 5RS

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Change is coming to Edible Eastside.


After 5 years of growing food, we are closing the site.


Why? Well there were a few reasons.


This year our landlord sold the site. The new landlords didn't want us out, in fact they are very friendly and supportive. We knew, however, that one day we would have to leave because that was the basis of our tenancy and actually what we wanted.


Edible Eastside was always an experiment in what a food system would look like in a city. We decided that now was the time was right to go rather than continue.


The site needed some investment. if we had chosen to stay then we needed to spend some money on improving the beds. This seemed a waste of money when eventually we would have to go anyway.


Our sister business Kitchen School got busy. The cookery school became a much more enterprising activity which took our time away from the garden. Our new business will be merger of the cookery school and Edible Eastside with 3 elements to the business. Our garden work will be more strategic, what we are going to call our LAB Projects.


We are having a goodbye bonfire (literally burning our wooden container beds) on Friday 2nd September at 7pm. Please join us and say goodbye :-(  Find out more about our goodbye events here.



goodbye LAB Projects